Jimmy's Wish
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We managed to do another game jam! After a long break we decided to participate in Ludum Dare 55. The theme was “Summoning” and we created a microgame collection called Jimmy’s Wish. The game follows Jimmy, a lonely boy who finds a book on summoning rituals. He attempts various bizarre rituals to summon a friend, with the steps of each ritual represented as a microgame.

Working within the three-day time limit of the jam was, as always, challenging but rewarding. We had to prioritize and compromise constantly to achieve something that is at least a completely playable game. This resulted in something that resembles something finished in some places more than others. While we couldn’t implement everything we wanted, especially the result of the summmoning, we think the game still captures the “Summoning” theme well (I mean it’s what you are doing). We’re already planning to continue working on it and at least finish our original plans. If you haven’t played “Jimmy’s Wish” yet, we recommend giving it a try. Experience the unsettling world of occult rituals and microgames, and witness Jimmy’s descent into loneliness as he seeks companionship.

Can be played and downloaded for free on itch.io:



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We are Gege and Ekki, we started making games back in college around 2014. We started out doing game jams and most things that we showcase here are the results of game jams we participated in. We also did some Live Adventure/Escape Room stuff.

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